TePe has been awarded the Design and Product Development award for the  new TePe EasyPick™ at Plastovationer Awards 2015 in Sweden
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AIM: The aims of this working group were to systematically review the evidence for primary prevention of periodontitis by preventing gingivitis via four approaches: 1) the efficacy of mechanical self-administered plaque control regimes; 2) the efficacy of self-administered inter-dental mechanical plaque control; 3) the efficacy of adjunctive chemical plaque control; and 4) anti-inflammatory (sole or adjunctive) approaches.
What is the effect of mechanical inter-dental plaque removal in addition to toothbrushing, on managing gingivitis using various formats of inter-dental self-care in adults based on evidence gathered from existing systematic reviews?
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An interdental or interproximal ("proxy") brush is a small brush, typically disposable, either supplied with a reusable angled plastic handle or an integral handle, used for cleaning between teeth and between the wire of dental braces and the teeth. There is evidence that, after tooth brushing with a conventional tooth brush, interdental brushes remove more plaque than dental floss.[22] Brushes are available in a range of widths ranked from 1 to 7, color-coded…
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Scientific support for interdental brushes In line with our vision of good oral health for everyone, we constantly strive to inform and educate about interdental cleaning. To meet the great demand for scientific material supporting the use of interdental brushes, we can now offer a reference list, a summary and an exclusive article, targeting the dental profession. This unique compilation is created by Anna Nilvéus Olofsson, DDS Specialist Pediatric Dentistry Odont. lic., Manager Odontology…